Specialist insurance for coaches, clubs and organisations

Sports insurance for coaches, clubs and organisations underwritten by Hiscox

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Public, product and employers liability

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What does this insurance offer?

Hiscox have created a specific wording suitable for sport trainers, coaches, clubs, societies and associations and also for referees and umpires.

Under the core cover of public and products liability, you will be insured if any party brings a claim against you for bodily injury or property damage occurring during the period of insurance.

IntoSport we are sports insurance specialists. We provide insurance to organisations and coaches and clubs and have a wide range of sports insurance available to you, including referee liability insurance, roller derby insurance, school sports coaches insurance, umpires liability insurance and many more.

You may also purchase cover for the following:

  • Employers’ liability - for claims brought against you by an employee or volunteer for their bodily injury.
  • Directors' and officers' liability - for claims brought against your directors, partners, trustees, committee members or officers for any breach of duty.
  • Property damage - insures you for accidental physical loss of or damage to tangible property used in connection with your insured activities.
  • Personal accident- provides sport accident insurance to all named person for accidental bodily injury while at any meeting, function, event, training session or show organised by or participated in by you.
  • Commercial Legal Protection – Provides cover for the costs of defending civil and criminal actions brought against you or in pursuing a civil claim

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